Private bookings

To enquire about booking the pool privately, please phone 01647 432929 during pool opening hours or leave a message.

We ask you to phone us so we can tailor what we can offer to what you require.

Don’t forget to leave your number!

You are required to comply with any appropriate Covid guidelines regarding maximum outdoor meeting numbers.

The cost is £75 per hour.

Fun Session Rules Apply.

See below.

You can book the pool at almost any mutually agreed time outside normal pool opening hours, subject to availability and securing 2 lifeguards for the booking.

The fee is £75 per hour. Bookings must be pre-paid to confirm.

NB  We regret that we cannot refund you unless we are unable to open the pool for any reason.

To book, call: 01647 432929

Chagford Pool Fun Sessions Rules under current Covid Guidelines 7th-20th  June 2021

  • Before you come……

Please do not swim if you are feeling unwell, have symptoms of high temperature, cough, difficulty breathing or loss of smell/taste.

  • All swims must be pre-booked and prepaid through our website. You will be checked in as you arrive, and we have sanitiser at the entrance
  • Please shower before coming to the pool.
  • There will be no changing rooms or showers available so please arrive ‘beach ready’ with your swimwear already on. We recommend you bring a waterproof bag to put your belongings in.
  • The tea shed is not open at present
  • At the Pool……    Please respect 2m social distancing guidance to others not in your group.
  • Choose a place to leave your belongings around the pool, at a marked spot on the decking. If you are a shallow end only user choose  an appropriate bench. The most important factor is to give others space.
  • We expect behaviour to be considerate of others at all times and our Code of Conduct has been updated for 2021. Please make sure your child is familiar with it.
  • A single unisex toilet is available….NB not for changing. Please wash your hands thoroughly after use.
  •  Your booked time is inclusive of changing. Please dress promptly and vacate the premises as the Lifeguards need to clean before the next session can begin.

Please respect others and follow the lifeguard’s instructions

Thank you